Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

Encarnacion and Nacho at a Halloween party in our neighborhood. We got an award for best couple and Jon did a pretty good impersonation of Nacho; had 'em howling.

I had fun making this costume. Lizzy's Princess Leia hat hair turned out perfectly!

So why the heck did we not get better pictures of our costumes? Allie was a jellyfish (her choice, sombrero with stuffing and shiny fabric), Sarah was Darth Vader (her choice!), and Ben was Yoda, also fun to make. The other three people are our friends, who also were on the Star Wars bandwagon. This was before I doctored up my nun costume to look more like Encarnacion. Why is dressing up so much FUN!? What should we do next year?

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