Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The latest news: a house

Whoah, it's been a long time since I've caught this puppy up to speed...where does the time go??... Oh yeah, I know, how about changing diapers, sweeping the kitchen three times a day, wishing the laundry would somehow fold itself, dodging dirty dishes, and hopping in the car every five minutes to chauffeur a monkey here, there and everywhere. Blogging? Hah! Who has time to pee let alone write about it?

But one big thing has changed. We are officially building a new house in American Fork in a super cute gated circle. The views are amazing: Mt Timpanogos soaring out the front, the Timpanogos temple back-lit by the sinking sun out the back.

Hopefully the interior designer (me) likes what she's picked for color and finishes. How do I describe my style? Eclectic-beachy-modern with a bit of glamour? It should be a warm mix of textured grays and silvers, pale turquoise, and weathered wood finishes. I lie awake most nights planning where I will put this mirror or that chair or what type of bed I currently covet (right now my absolute favorite wished-for bed is a low king platform with a spare lined canopy in dark chocolate. Modern and clean, yet with a nod to tradition.) I'm having a blast planning everything.

Instead of reading fiction like I usually love to do, I have been poring over every magazine I've saved, tearing out rooms and ideas I love and getting design ideas for the new place. Who knows, if it all comes together like I hope, maybe there's a future in design for me. At the very least, by filling it with stuff I love, we'll have a home that makes me smile (and hopefully my family too!)

I'll try to post pictures that I have so far. It should be sheet-rocked this week and the finish date is the end of March! We'll move as soon as it's done.

Here's a link to the listing for our house. Ours will be a little different than the one shown, but the same design. So exciting! We'll miss our current friends and neighborhood, but the change should be a great thing for our family.

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