Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finishing old projects

This is "finishing old projects week so I can move on to new projects with a clean conscience"

This is a little baby quilt I started when I was expecting Sarah, yes almost five years ago! It is made of little quilted squares sewn together, with the raw edges all on one side, clipped and frayed and kind of ruffly.

back of tummy time floor blanket
Front of tummy time floor blanket. I just added a layer of muslin between each yard of coordinating fabric, sewed it all together an inch from the edge, with raw edges out and clipped to make ruffly tabs around the perimeter.
And here is the blanket in action! Yes, Ben is climbing ON Lizzy. She didn't seem to mind, poor kid.
deer in the headlights...too innocent to know she's being wrestled by her big brother

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